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We are a small team of experts that position your business for long-term success.

What happens when a small team of passionate entrepreneurs and experts get together and start a business? You get a business that helps other businesses grow. was developed as a means of bringing only the experts needed to your project. We are a small, lean team of independent consultants ready to take on projects that match our areas of expertise.

Below you can find our current projects, including the companies we operate and new business ideas currently looking for funding.

Managing Partner
John Doe

Eric Bergeron

Eric is one of the directors of the company and usually gets involved in all of our projects.

Eric has started 9 companies in 15 years and is an expert at online marketing, business innovation and start-ups.

Sebastien Charles

Sebastien Charles CPA,CMA MBA

Sebastien is a management accountant who brings years of experience in mergers and acquisitions, strategic management and overall business strategy. As an entrepreneur and investor himself, he has a wealth of knowledge and experience with challenges faced by start-ups, small businesses and big corporations.

Arpad Gerecsey

Arpad Gerecsey

Arpad's life would be a good book - but it all leads to a combination of skills perfectly suited to business growth, disruptive change and large-scale start-up networks. Based in Amsterdam, Netherlands, Arpad is an expert at business innovation and strategy.

We can help you grow your business. Whether you need consulting, start-up help or just want to outsource your marketing -

Services brings together only the experts you need - when you need them.

We can help accelarate your business growth by reviewing your current business model and then help you find new audiences, new revenue streams and innovative ways of doing business.

What We Do

We have a team of established industry experts who come together to work on projects and start companies. If your business needs to grow, we can help take you there no matter the problem.

We always start with a phone call to help us understand your needs.

Call us at (613) 363-6040

What We Can Do

  • Audience Building & Client Persona Development
  • Marketing Consulting
  • Business Modeling
  • Sales Strategies
  • Business Innovation Strategies
We can transform your business into a world-class brand. And we don't just mean your logo.
  • Logo and Brand development
  • Persona Development
  • Content Development Strategies
  • Audience Targeting Strategies
One of fastest ways to grow your brand is online. We work to develop trust in your brand and to grow your audience.
  • SEO and SEM
  • Web Development
  • Online Brand Auditing
  • Social Media Strategies
  • Mobile App Development
If you're starting a new company - can help
  • Business Modeling
  • Brainstorming
  • Investment / Funding
  • Business Plan Development

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